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Ozone Purifier

  • Ozonator Air Purifier

    Ozonator Air Purifier

    Ozone is the nature’s way of cleaning the environment. Ozone is much more effective in removing pollutants and odor, and is a powerful oxidant that kills lower organism like bacteria, mold and viruses. Ozonator air purifier Specifications: Note: This data is only for your...Read More
  • Ozone Room Air Purifier

    Ozone Room Air Purifier

    Specification 1. Portable type ozone generator 2. Ozone output: 3g/hr, 5g/hr, 10g/hr, 15g/hr 3. Air purifier, air sterilization ozone machine 4. CE Standard, Manufacture, factory directly sale 5. Timer controller Ozone room air purifier introduction: Application: 1. Home-Air...Read More
  • Ozone Room Deodorizer

    Ozone Room Deodorizer

    What is the Principle about our ozone generator ? 1. The product generate ozone gas with strong oxidation, catalytic action. Virus and bacteria in the ozone gas due to the multiple roles of free radicals, the protein dissociation degeneration, nucleic acid and enzyme activity...Read More
  • Ozone Smoke Odor Removal

    Ozone Smoke Odor Removal

    The most common residential use for ozone smoke odor removal is removing offensive smells and odors from homes, smoke room. The odors vary (skunk, smoke, pet smell, etc) and homes vary, so the exact treatment can vary according to your specific situation. Ozone smoke odor...Read More
  • Ozone Smell Remover

    Ozone Smell Remover

    Ozone smell remover permanently remove smoke odor resulting from fire damage, cigarette and tobacco smoke. Cigar and cigarette smoke odor removal is easy with the Wilson ozone smell remover and also in buildings that have suffered fire and/or smoke damage. Ozone is very...Read More
  • Ozone Disinfection of Water

    Ozone Disinfection of Water

    Ozone disinfection water sterilization & treatment Ozone is an unstable molecule which readily gives up one atom of oxygen providing a powerful oxidizing agent which is toxic to most waterborne organisms. It is a very strong, broad spectrum disinfectant that has already...Read More
  • Ozone Water Filtration

    Ozone Water Filtration

    1. What is ozone water purification? Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidants available, destroying bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew in air, water and diverse applications almost instantly and more efficiently than any other technology. Ozone's molecular structure is...Read More
  • Ozone Water Purification System

    Ozone Water Purification System

    What are Ozone Water Purification system? What exactly are these purifiers and how are they used for home ozone water treatment? A home based system is very similar to those used in municipalities except on a far smaller scale. They are systems that include a recirculation...Read More
  • Air and Water Ozonator

    Air and Water Ozonator

    Air and water ozonator details: Air and water Ozonator Advantage: Industrial oxygen generator used for aquaculture, welding, cutting or feeding oxygen to ozone machine etc. 1. Used with import oxygen molecular sieve. 2. With built in air compressor, refrigerant dryer and...Read More
  • Ozone Treatment for House

    Ozone Treatment for House

    Ozone treatment for house Specifications: ABOUT US What we do? 1. We Provide high-quality ozone generator for: Ozone generator wholesalers Retailers and online shops 2. OEM-The custom-made ozone generator are available. Upon customer's idea, drawings, photos etc. 3....Read More
  • Ozone Treatment for House Odors

    Ozone Treatment for House Odors

    The safe way to use Ozone Generators Are you concerned about using an Ozone machine near your family or co-workers? Perhaps you've been told ozone is dangerous, but yet you hear others are having great success using it. You need to know ozone treatment for house odors...Read More
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