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Ozone Machine

  • Ozone Machine for Smoke Removal

    Ozone Machine for Smoke Removal

    Quick Detail
    Air purifier ozone generator
    1. Adjustable ozone: 20%-100%
    2. Timer: 0-30mins or continuous
    3. high concentration ozone
    4. high efficiency ozone output
    5. Good mixing efficiency after connecting venturi
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  • Home Ozone Machine

    Home Ozone Machine

    Home ozone machine data: Home ozone machine Functions 1.Remove odors, tobacco smoke, fume, food smell, beverage smell, pet smell. 2.Eliminate dust, pollen, allergy, mold 3.Kill bacterial, virus, germ 4.Help you breathe and live better! Application Places and people 1. New...Read More
  • Ozone Machine for Car

    Ozone Machine for Car

    Ozone machine for car characteristics: This product is efficient in disinfection, smell removal, and car indoor air purifier, without any additives. Easy operation: 5-30 minutes for smell removal and disinfection, and 5-30 minutes for air ionizer purification. It can be use...Read More
  • Ozone Machine Home Use

    Ozone Machine Home Use

    Ozone machine home use introduction 1. It is easy for the wheels ozone generator to move on the desktop. 2. The equipment is distributed evenly according to the workshop shape. 3. Driven by the axial fan in the equipment, the ozone diffuses into the air. 4. The equipment is...Read More
  • Portable Ozone Machine

    Portable Ozone Machine

    Portable ozone machine product description: The Wilson portable ozone generator can produce 500-7000mg/h ozone output .We uses high quality ozone tube with Stainless Steel electrode material. This series of ozone generator can be widely applied in varied industries for...Read More
  • Ozone Machine Air Purifier

    Ozone Machine Air Purifier

    Warranty: 12 month
    Voltage (V): 110V; 220V
    cooling way: air cooling
    Ozone tube: quartz material tube
    Using life: 20000 hours
    Time control: 5-30 minutes or continuously
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  • Commercial Room Deodorizer Machine

    Commercial Room Deodorizer Machine

    Commercial room deodorizer machine Specifications: Commercial room deodorizer machine preparation: * Advance preparation 1. Check the package to prevent the broken of machine, due to the delivery damage. (Shake the machine body, listen to the sound to judge, check the screws...Read More
  • O3 Ozone Machine

    O3 Ozone Machine

    What is it about O3 ozone machine ? o3 ozone machine is an air purifier disinfector machine, generation chambers utilizing dehydroxylation quartz glass structure with high safety factor, good stability, unique cooling technology, effective heat dissipation and low working...Read More
  • Ozonated Water Machine

    Ozonated Water Machine

    Ozonated Water Machine Overview: Ozone generator, is dedicated to small ozone in the air purification and water treatment equipment, it uses the latest ozone generating device and a variety of protection circuits, with excellent performance and long service life. It is an...Read More
  • Ozone Deodorizer Machine

    Ozone Deodorizer Machine

    Application: 1. Office 2. Hospital 3. Rest room 4. Baths 5. Kitchen 6. Dining room 7. Home with pets 8. School Ozone deodorizer machine Specifications: Ozone deodorizer machine feature 1. Ozone output 40g/h, timer 0-120 minutes 2. Timer control, LCD display screen 3. Portable...Read More
  • Ozone Odor Removal Machine

    Ozone Odor Removal Machine

    WAG series ozone odor removal machine: Wilson, the leader in the ozone industry, is pleased to offer the WAG. This unit is perfect for deodorizing and sanitizing medium to large spaces such as hotel suites, homes, apartments, offices, day care centers, restrooms, basements,...Read More
  • Ozone Treatment Machine

    Ozone Treatment Machine

    Oxygen generator with ozone Production: Wilson Oxygen Generator apply PSA technology, provide a cost-efficient source of oxygen. It's safe, more economical and convenient to use, which is widely used in agriculture, pharmaceutical production, water treatment, glass...Read More
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