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Industrial Ozone Generator

  • Pool Ozone Generator

    Pool Ozone Generator

    Product Name: Pool ozone generator
    Gas source: Oxygen or Air
    Power Supply: 220V or 110V,50/60HZ
    Material: High quality and efficient quartz ozone tube
    Ozone Output: 25g per hour
    Power: 300w
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  • Ozone Generator Water Treatment

    Ozone Generator Water Treatment

    Wilson has expertise in integrating ozone generators and other advanced oxidation systems to solve water treatment problems. Our experience in ozone water treatment systems and process engineering can assist you in fitting one of our packages into your process, making...Read More
  • Ozone Generator Water Purifier

    Ozone Generator Water Purifier

    What is ozone generator and what does it do? Unlike many terms in the world of science, ozone is a word almost everyone knows. Some know that it creates that fresh feeling after a storm. Others remember that aerosols and refrigerants put a hole in the Ozone layer. But, very...Read More
  • Ozone Generator for Water

    Ozone Generator for Water

    Ozone generator for water details: Whole House Air Purifying With a large capacity ozone generator, connected to the return air ducts of your home's ventilation system, it is possible to purify the air throughout the house with just one ozone generator. Choose an ozone...Read More
  • Oxygen Ozone Generator

    Oxygen Ozone Generator

    The good news about this unit is that it doesn’t require constant maintenance. It is easy operate, fashion design, high ozone concentration with oxygen source. the machine can work anywhere you take, it and handle various types of persistent odors including dust, cigar smoke,...Read More
  • Ozone Generator 220v

    Ozone Generator 220v

    The total ozone output of 10,000 mg/hr seems to be very powerful. It’s strong enough to be used in more areas than just your home or living area. You can put it to good use in hospitals, offices, smoking areas, and other environments where persistent smells can have damaging...Read More
  • Ozone Generator for Drinking Water Treatment

    Ozone Generator for Drinking Water Treatment

    Ozone generator for drinking water treatment Specifications: Ozone generator Highlights: 5,000 mg ozone production Low maintenance Large fan Eco-friendly design Long life time Ozone generator feature: Able to efficiently break down pollutants and bacteria that produce...Read More
  • Ozone Generator Machine

    Ozone Generator Machine

    With an enhanced design, capable of performance ozone producing and sterilization, the Wilson ozone generator brings a lot of value to the table. It has a large fan and it doesn’t disappoint in terms of deodorization performance. The price is also reasonable for its class....Read More
  • High Output Ozone Generator

    High Output Ozone Generator

    While an ozone water purification unit isn’t right for everyone, there are some places where it could be a very effective component of a multi-stage water treatment system. If you live off grid or use well water and don’t have the luxury of the municipal water purification...Read More
  • Longevity Ozone Generator

    Longevity Ozone Generator

    The ozone has a half-life of only a few minutes, so after it has purified the water any remaining molecules break down into standard oxygen. This creates an environment that highly oxygenates the water. Alternative medicine is a huge proponent of ozone water treatment and...Read More
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