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Household Ozone Generator

  • Air Ozone Generator

    Air Ozone Generator

    Air ozone generator Specifications: 1. Supply to USA, Europe, and Australia, Thailand, Africa and all over the world. 2. Our factory has over 8 years of construction machinery industry experience, and strictly the whole production process. 3. Professional Performance ozone...Read More
  • Professional Ozone Generator

    Professional Ozone Generator

    Professional ozone generator Operations: 1. Before use our ozone machine, put it in a stable flat place which can hold its weight. 2. Use the power equipped with the machine. 3. The machine use for air purification, firstly attach the silicone tube into the ozone outlet and...Read More
  • Commercial Ozone Generator

    Commercial Ozone Generator

    What is it about ozone generator? Wall hanging type ozone generator, they are suitable for home/car /hotel/restaurant applications (space air purification), or professional applications (poultry farming air sterilization).This ozone filter incorporates a compressor feeding...Read More
  • Fresh Air Ozone Generator

    Fresh Air Ozone Generator

    Fresh air ozone generator parameter: Why choosing our fresh air ozone generator? Having 8 years production experienced. We are trusty business partner. Quality Controlled: Quality Control personnel check the quality at every stage of production, from the incoming raw...Read More
  • Home Ozone Generator

    Home Ozone Generator

    Home ozone generator description: How to use home ozone generator? It is very easy to operate. The home ozone generator is portable, you can take it everywhere for air purifier and water treatment. Turn on the power, Set the timer 5-30mins, close the window and door, after 30...Read More
  • Portable Ozone Generator

    Portable Ozone Generator

    This WAG-20G portable ozone generator is an advanced and convenient contaminant remediation product. High-powered oxidation in a compact, lightweight, rugged and simple design. Utilizing controlled corona discharge ozone technology developed specifically to reduce odors,...Read More
  • Ozone Generator Air Purifier

    Ozone Generator Air Purifier

    3000mg/hour ozone output optional, 0-120 hour timer and hold function; 3000mg/hour ozone output optional, 0-120 hour timer and hold function; 1 PC high quality ozone tube inside( more than 20000 hours); Effectively removes odors, smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust...Read More
  • Ozone Generator for House

    Ozone Generator for House

    Ozone generator for house Application Ozone is used in the house as air and water disinfection /treatments for the health growing. Ozone being an effective oxidant, it is mostly used for house’s drinking water, airpurifier, which is to kill harmful bacteria, virous, pathogen...Read More
  • Small Ozone Generator

    Small Ozone Generator

    Small ozone generator details: Small ozone generator functional specifications 1. Suitable for refrigerator, wardrobe, and other small space. 2. Rapid removal of flavor, strong sterilization, food preservation, pesticide residues. 3. Sterilization rate as high as 99.9%. 4....Read More
  • Ozone Generator Smoke

    Ozone Generator Smoke

    Our ozone generator smoke was developed from Wilson's factory which use the latest corona discharge technology. With a high performance, we use accurate quartz tube and 304 Stainless steel electrode for the generator part, we sure a stable unit will help you win more...Read More
  • Small Ozone Generator for Home Use

    Small Ozone Generator for Home Use

    Best Uses for an small ozone generator for home use To remove smoke, mold and other lingering odors from your home's air, an ozone generator is an essential appliance. Small ozone generator for home use spec: Small Ozone Generator for home use: Clean the air of smoke and...Read More
  • Ozone Generator Home Use

    Ozone Generator Home Use

    The fashion design is one of the main attractions of ozone generator home use. Despite the low energy consumption, it can yield solid purifying results. If durability matters to you, the industrial grade steel used for the casing is sure to maintain this unit in perfect...Read More
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