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Ozone Generator Prevention Misunderstanding
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Knowing whether the ozone generator contains a gas source, the cost of the gas source generator and the gas source generator are very different. If you purchase an ozone generator without a gas source through price advantage, you may need to spend more money with your own gas source device. Understand the structure of the generator, whether it can run continuously, ozone output concentration and other indicators. For example, an ozone generator is needed for water purification. If an open ozone generator is mistakenly selected, it cannot be used. Confirm that the ozone generator is rated for output, whether it is marked with air source or when the oxygen source is used. Because the ozone generator uses an oxygen source, the ozone production is twice as large as when the air source is used, and the cost of the two is nearly doubled. When purchasing an ozone generator, both parties should communicate in all directions to avoid misunderstanding. Do not use the price as the main reference to measure the ozone generator.