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Ozone Generator Generator And Discharge Tube
- Sep 05, 2018 -

The core technology and equipment of the ozone system is the discharge tube in the generator, which directly affects the operating efficiency and reliability of the equipment. The ozone generator adopts the micro-gap dielectric barrier discharge design, which not only greatly improves the operation efficiency, but also increases the safety and reliability of the continuous operation of the system. The technical parameters of the equipment have reached the international advanced level.

Due to the use of micro-gap discharge technology, the operating voltage of the system is reduced to 6-8 kV, which is much lower than the withstand voltage level of the glass tube insulation medium, which effectively avoids the occurrence of dielectric breakdown short-circuit faults and improves the operational reliability.

The modular design method used by the ozone generator discharge unit makes the installation, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment easier. Under the condition of ensuring the quality of the intake air source, the maintenance-free time of the continuous operation of the ozone generator discharge unit can be as long as 5 years.