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Main Factors Affecting Ozone Concentration
- Sep 05, 2018 -

1. Structure and processing accuracy of the ozone generator;

2. Cooling methods and conditions;

3. Driving voltage and driving frequency;

4. Dielectric material;

5. Oxygen content and cleanliness and dryness in the raw material gas.

6, the efficiency of the generator power system (high efficiency, less heat conversion.);

Ozone is a highly oxidizing unstable gas. The ozone output concentration is affected by many factors. The temperature of the cavity is one of the most important factors; ozone will decay by half in 1 minute at around 30 degrees. Attenuation reaches 80% at 40~50°C. Ozone decomposes immediately above 60 °C. Ozone production refers to the ozone output per unit time of the ozone generator; the product of the ozone concentration value and the total gas volume entering the ozone generator is the ozone production; usually expressed in units of mg/h, g/h, kg/h. . Ozone generator specifications specify ozone generator specifications and use ozone production representation and differentiation. The small ozone generator uses g/h as the unit, and the large ozone generator uses the kg/h unit to distinguish the size of the specification.