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Household Ozone Generator To Determine The Model
- Sep 05, 2018 -

When purchasing an ozone generator, it is first necessary to determine its intended use. It is used for air sterilization and deodorization as well as for water treatment. For air treatment, a low-emission, economical, open-type ozone generator can be selected, which includes both air-sourced and air-free open-type air-conditioning models. The ozone generator is simple in structure and low in price, but the temperature and humidity at work affect the amount of ozone generated. The above-mentioned open ozone generator is the simplest ozone device, and a high concentration ozone generator should be selected for high-demand air treatment. When air treatment is carried out according to the standard of 20-50mg/m3, the food and drug industry selects high value. The total amount of ozone (ie, ozone generator production) can be obtained by converting the size of the space. A high-concentration ozone generator (ozone concentration greater than 12 mg/L) must be purchased for water treatment, and low-concentration ozone treatment water is ineffective. The high-concentration ozone generator is equipped with a gas source and gas source treatment device and an ozone generator. The small-sized one-piece model can be produced in the range of 5-200g/h, and the large- and medium-sized ozone generator basically exists in the form of a unit.