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High Frequency High Voltage Power Supply And Cooling System
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Different from the traditional ozone intermediate frequency (<1kHz) power supply, the high-frequency high-pressure ozone system adopts the high-frequency power supply technology of 3-6kHz. Combined with the micro-discharge gap design, the efficiency of ozone generation can be effectively improved, and the volume and space of the generator can be reduced. , thereby reducing civil construction design and investment costs. The inverter power system adopts mature high-frequency power supply technology, and the long-term operation on site proves the stability of long-term operation of the system. The high-frequency output is generated by the boosting system and generates a sinusoidal high voltage, which is connected to the generator via a cable. Under the action of high-frequency and high-voltage, the discharge gap generates a cold plasma discharge to generate ozone.

Although the efficiency of modern ozone generators has been significantly improved compared with traditional products, about 90% of the electrical energy is not used to generate ozone but is converted into heat. If this part of the heat is not effectively lost, the ozone generator discharge gap The temperature will continue to rise or exceed the designed operating temperature. High temperatures are not conducive to the production of ozone but are conducive to the decomposition of ozone, resulting in a decrease in ozone production and concentration. We design a single-cycle cooling water unit; when the cooling water temperature exceeds the system design temperature or the water volume is insufficient, the system will automatically send out an alarm signal.