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Electrolytic Ozone Generator In The Classification
- Sep 05, 2018 -

The ozone generator is characterized in that it uses a new PEM membrane to conduct deionized water with positive and negative electrodes of a low-voltage direct current solid-state membrane electrode. The water is separated into hydrogen-oxygen molecules in the form of proton exchange at a special anode solution interface. Directly discharged from the interface of the cathode solution, oxygen molecules are excited by electrons generated by high-density currents on the anode interface, and are polymerized into ozone molecules. Compared with the conventional corona generator, the following advantages are obtained:

1. The concentration of ozone gas produced is high, and the weight ratio is several times that of the corona ozone generator, and the highest can reach 20% (more than 250mg/L).

2. The ozone gas produced does not contain nitrogen oxides (NOx) and is free of carcinogens.

3. The resistance to environmental humidity during work is as high as 85%, and it can stably maintain ozone production even when working in a humid environment.

4. Due to the use of DC low-voltage electrolysis, no electromagnetic waves and noise are generated during operation, and it will not cause interference when working with other precision instruments.

5. Due to the high concentration of ozone generated and the equivalent amount of ozone in the water, this method can achieve higher residual ozone concentration in water, which can completely sterilize and disinfect drinking water, and can produce high concentration. Ozone water (disinfectant)

6. Has a super long service life, several times the amount of ozone generated by corona, and the life of the membrane electrode is super strong.

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