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Ozone disinfection in the food industry
- Sep 05, 2018 -

In the production process of beverages, juices, etc., ozone water can be used for soaking and rinsing of pipelines, production equipment and containers, thereby achieving the purpose of sterilization. The operation method of immersing and rinsing is that the bacteria, viruses on the surface of the pipeline, the equipment and the container are washed away a lot; the second is that the unwashed bacteria and viruses remaining on the surface are killed by the ozone. It is very simple and easy to die, and there is no dead angle in production. It also completely avoids the problems of chemical and toxic substances emissions and residues caused by the use of chemical disinfectants in production. In addition, the disinfection and sterilization technology of production equipment and the like using ozone water, combined with the membrane separation process and the aseptic filling system, can be used for the production of soy sauce, vinegar and alcohol in the brewing industry, and the quality and grade of the product can be improved.