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Influencing factors of ozone water purifier
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Studies have shown that the combined effect of ozone pre-oxidation on water quality depends on a series of influencing factors such as ozone dosage, oxidation conditions, pH and alkalinity of raw water, and the types and concentrations of organic and inorganic substances coexisting in water. Ozone pre-oxidation can destroy the unsaturated bond of organic matter in water, reduce the molecular weight of organic matter, and increase the concentration of soluble organic matter DOC, which is manifested by the increase of AOC and BDOC concentration, thereby improving the biodegradability of organic matter, but Ames experiment It indicates that the partially oxidized intermediate has a certain mutagenic activity, and it is necessary to increase the ozone dosage to reduce the toxic activity of these products. For the precursor of chlorination disinfection by-products, ozone pre-oxidation can be destroyed to some extent, or converted into intermediate products with relatively low by-product formation potential, but inevitably also increase the by-product formation of some other substances. At the same time, some ozone by-products are produced.