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How does the household ozone machine work
- Sep 05, 2018 -

The household ozone machine is also called a multifunctional oxygen machine. The current technology adopts high-frequency high-pressure ionized air to generate a large amount of active oxygen for efficient sterilization and disinfection, bringing health and fun to all aspects.

In China, the application of ozone machine is more in industries, aquaculture, hotels and other industries, while the household's awareness of using ozone machine is relatively low, and the concept of air sterilization is still weak. At present, there are more and more manufacturers of household ozone generators and portable ozone generators in China. This is a new environmentally friendly sunrise industry. Many are in development, just like the "Guangzhou Chuanghuan Ozone Electric Equipment Co., Ltd." double air-cooled ceramic ozone tube is a technological innovation, mainly applied to the household ozone machine, and obtained patent design approval.

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